Administration Block
Project Exhibition in Physics Lab
Students of Bachelor Degree of Computer Science and Information Technology after class session
Observation of Internal Parts of Cocroach using Lens in Biology laboratory
Motor Rewinding in Electrical Workshop
Lucia Sebastian,a student from ICT department describing Online Documentation System she developed during ICT Career day
The Director of America Biomedical Technology Aid (BETA), Daniel Schuster (center), presenting Medical equipment work Tsh. 20 M to arusha Technical College 's Rector Dr. Richard Masika
Dissection Experiment to Display Digestive System of Cocroach in Biology Laboratory
Fabrication of Maize Sheller
Discussion Before Engineering Drawing Exam
Engine Overhaul in Automotive Workshop
Forging Practice in Mechanical 1 Workshop
Final Preparations before exam
We shall get our first degree from here


Eng. Dr.Richard Masika


ATC is complementing President Magufuli’s industrialisation policy in pioneering the first locally made helicopter that will be available to ordinary residents at affordable price.Air transport is still a challenge in most developing countries all over the world and not only Africa or Tanzania.

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Wetlands is land where the water surface is near the ground surface for long enough time to maintain saturated soil conditions along with the related vegetation. They have partly oxic (Oxygen condition), partly anoxic (anaerobic condition) soils in which organic breakdown takes place. Wetlands support a highly productive, tall emergent vegetable capable of taking up large amount of nutrients. There are two types of wetlands namely natural of constructed wetlands.

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The automatic transmission is one of the most complicated and thus one of the less reliable parts of such vehicles. The repair of an automatic transmission is complex and tends to be quite expensive. More than that,  automatic transmission problem can make your car unsafe - some transmission defects may cause your car to roll even with the shifter

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