Minister for Education Science and Technology Hon. Joyce Ndalichako when visited the College
Mechanical workshop I
A new look of ATC Machine Tools Workshop equipped with state-of-art EMCO FB-3L Milling Machines and EMCO MAT-14D Lathe Machines
Mechanical workshop II
Mechanical Engineering Students in Mechanical Engineering workshop practical session
Mechanical workshop (Outside view)
Mechanical workshop III

 Top-Level Training & Equipment

Two mechanical workshops available: Casting, Foundry and all Modern Welding supported with Plasma Cutting Machines - your source for welding tips and tricks, in a variety of work environments; Machine Tools workshop with conventional and state - of – the-art lathe and milling machines; Control Numerical Control (CNC) lathe and milling machine tools.

The Department offers training programme leading to Ordinary Diploma (NTA Level 6 Certificate) in Mechanical Engineering and Pipe Works, Oil and Gas Engineering. Upon successful completion of the training, the graduate is equipped with skills and knowledge to be able to repair and maintain machines and equipment in industries, also to work processing plants, carrying domestic and industrial plumbing works but also be capable to work in various pipe works installation in petrochemical industries. The students will also be able to do some design and manufacture spare parts and machines in a modern workshop equipped with modern machine tools and perform supervisory and managerial works. The department also offers various tailor-made short courses and consultancy services to various institutions and individuals in the country.

The department also offers a program in Lapidary and Jewelry Technology leading to Basic Technician Certificate (NTA Level 04 Certificate).

The Department has adequate resources to run its programmes, which include well-equipped laboratories/workshops and classrooms, 12 teaching staff and 5 technical support staff members. Currently the department has outsourced a total 2 teaching and technical staff to make sure that all programmes run smoothly. Also 4 academic staff are attending further education courses leading to Masters degree and Ph.D.


Key Physical infrastructure and equipment are:

·         Welding and Metal fabrication Workshop  (M  I),  this  is  responsible  for  Fabrication, forging, casting, welding and other sheet metal works using conventional welding and modern Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG ) and Metal Inert Gas (MIG) supported by Plasma Cutting Machines.

·         Machine Tools Workshop (M II) this is responsible for machining and other work related to the machine shop equipped with conventional lathe and milling machine tools and modern lathe and milling machines accompanied with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) lathe and milling machines.

·         Metrology Laboratory dealing with materials testing for Conformance to specifications or technical requirements

·         Pneumatic and Hydraulic Workshop dealing with teaching, training and  practical on  courses and  modules  related  to  Pneumatic  and Hydraulic technology

·         Lapidary and Jewelry Laboratory


The department offers also short courses in: Industrial Automation, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC); Welding and metal fabrication; Fitter mechanics; Mechanical drafting & Design using Design application software (AUTOCAD); Air conditioning, heating and refrigeration; Pneumatics and hydraulics technology; Boiler maintenance and servicing; Foundry, forging; and Gemstone Cutting and Sorting.