Practical session with a digital milling machine in the mechanical engineering workshop
Mechanical workshop I
A new look of ATC Machine Tools Workshop equipped with state-of-art EMCO FB-3L Milling Machines and EMCO MAT-14D Lathe Machines
Mechanical workshop II
Mechanical Engineering Students in Mechanical Engineering workshop practical session
Gas pipe arc welding and Gemstone spectroscopy activities in the Mechanical Engineering Department
Advanced manufacturing workshop with CNC machine (TURN 105) at ATC Mechanical workshop


Dr. Daniel Ngoma

Deputy HOD

 Gideon G. Mgaya






Shape your professional future with tailored and top-level training covering a large range of positions and skills related to the modern mechanical engineering industries. ATC Mechanical Engineering Programs endows its students with strong engineering expertise allowing them to take up positions in Tanzanian industrialization processes including among others: Modern Manufacturing processes (CNC, 3D printing), Equipment Testing, Machineries Installation, Manufacturing of machines parts, operations and maintenances of manufacturing machines, Refrigeration systems maintenance and Repairs, quality control, and Safe working practices in manufacturing workshops.


Basic Technician Certificate (NTALevel4) in Lapidary and Jewelry Technology

The Lapidary and Jewelry Technology Program is designed to train graduates at the Basic Technician Level who will serve the gemstone and jewelry industries. These industries play a crucial role to the economy of Tanzania. The program will produce graduates with outstanding skills to work in the field and to meet the current demand for Lapidary and Jewelry Basic Technician in the country. This program is intended for a person who will work in the Lapidary and Jewelry workshops or apply entrepreneurship skills in the profession in the related business carriers and meet the current challenges of socio-economic development. The programme also addresses national needs as articulated in various Government policies.

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The College is accredited by the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) to run and grant awards to successful candidates in technician and Engineering programmes. Award offered is Ordinary Diploma namely the National Technical Level (NTA) 4 – 6. Apply Now!