Civil Engineering Department

This is one of the oldest and giant Departments in the College. It was established in 1978.It offers various programmes leading to both Diploma and Bachelor’s degree awards. In order to keep abreast with global technological changes,training in the Department ensures that learners possess the necessary competences in the world of work. Apart from the training activities, the Department offers consultancy in the buildings and civil works whenever needed.Applied research is another core function of the Department.

Civil Engineering Students in Practical Session off Class Hours

While the Civil Engineering Programme was introduced in the Department in 1978,in the Academic year 2010/11 the Department introduced a new undergraduate programme of Civil and Irrigation Engineering. A year later the Department introduced a similar programme of Civil and Irrigation Engineering at Diploma level.The civil and irrigation engineering programme is a multi-sector programme, which is designed to train graduates who will serve both irrigation (agricultural) sector and construction industry.The Department has competent staff and well-equipped laboratories/workshops and classrooms which enabling the smooth running of the training as stipulated in the curricula.The Department also uses outsourced experts in areas which skills are not available in the Department to ensure that students are getting what they deserve.

In implementing the Civil and Irrigation Engineering Programme, the Department works closely with Japanese advisors dispatched by the government of Japan through its International Cooperation Agency (JICA) as part of cooperation between the Governments of Tanzania and Japan. The College has constructed a new building in its effort to increase students enrollment and acquire state of art laboratories and equipment for civil and irrigation engineering programmes.

Semester I

Fundamental Modules

Code No Module Title Credits
GST 04101 Algebra and Trigonometry 05
GST 04102 Mechanics and Nuclear Physics 06
GST 04103 English Language Basics 04
Sub Total Credits   15


Core Modules

Code No Module Title Credits
GST 04101 Basic Civil Engineering Materials 09
GST 04102 Soil Mechanics 11
GST 04103 Basic Engineering Drawing 09
GST 04104 Construction Technology ( Masonry,
Carpentry, Painting)
   Total Credits 41