Head of Technical Unit


Head of Department

Name: B. Kamwela
Education: MBA (Information Technology Management) Coventry University-UK, B.Sc. in Computer Science Hons (UDSM) & Certificate course in networking (A+,N+,MCSE 2012, CCNA & ITIL) at UTL Technologies LTD, Bangalore India

Deputy Head of Department

Name: F. January
Education:BSc in Computer Science (IAA), FTC (Computer Engineering) – DIT, Cert. (Linux Administration), Cert. (system & Network Security), CISCO-CCNA Instructor ,CCNA Cyber Security Instructor

Head of Technical Unit

Name: P. Simalike
Education: B. Eng in Computer Engineering (DIT) &  FTC in Computer Engineering (DIT)


Name: J. Mmari
Education: MSc. in Information Systems (Kobe Institute of Computing-Japan), B. Eng Computer Eng (DIT), FTC in Computer Engineering (DIT), Cert. Introduction to Project Mgt (InWent Global Campus), Cert. (Instructional Skills)-Camosun-ATC & Cert (System Administration (TERNET)- DIT, Cert. (Advanced Multimedia & Web Design Technology)-CDAC-Mohali-India.
Name: A. Mjema
Education:B. Eng Computer Eng (DIT), FTC in Computer Engineering (DIT) Cert.(Instructional Skills) - Camosun-ATC, CISCO certified Network Association, Basic Certificate in Biomedical Eng. ATC-BETA & Certificate of Medical Equipment repair ( Engineering World Health and Duke Universty)

Name: P.B Kaaya         
Education: MBA (Information Technology Management) Coventry University – UK, Advanced Diploma in Information Technology (IAA), Adv. Cert (Network Engineering and Management) – CDAC India, Cert. (Software and data processing) – NICT India, Cert. (Instructional Skills) Camosun – ATC


Name: J. Lissa.
Education: BSc (Information Systems) - UDOM, Cert. (Instructional Skills)-Camosun-ATC.
Name: A. Kirobo
Education: MSc in Information Technology (IAA), BSc in Electronics Engineering (Halettepe University – Turkey)
Name: S.I Sadock
Education: B.Eng in Information Systems and Network Engineering (SJCET), FTC in Mechanical Engineering (MIST)


Name: A. Selemani
Education: Postgraduate Dip. In Computing (IAA), Advanced Diploma in Computer Science (IAA)
Name: B.G. Mtakati
Education: B. Eng in Information Systems and Network Engineering (SJCET)

Name: J.C Kisiri
Education: MBA (Information Technology Management) Coventry University- UK, Bsc in Computer Science (IAA) & Diploma in Computing and Information Technology (UCC Mwanza)


Name: M.M Govella
Education: BSC in Information System (UDOM), Cert. (Instructional Skills)-ATC, Cert. Advanced Instructional Strategies and Curriculum Delivery-(Yorkton, SK Canada)
Name:B. Manyahi
Education: Masters in Information Technology (ST. XAVIERS COLLEGE, INDIA), Bsc in Computer Science (ST. Xaviers College, India), Cert. CCNA,
Name:D. Flavian
Education:Ordinary Diploma in Information Technology (ATC).



Name: J.K  Kashaija
Education: Masters in Information Security (IAA), Bsc in Information Technology (IAA)
Name: M.M. Mwasaga
Education: MEng. (Masters Degree in Computer and Automated Systems Software) Odessa National Polytechnic University-Ukraine, BCs(Computer Science) Odessa National Polytechnic University-Ukraine, Registered Graduate Engineer (Odessa National Polytechnic University-Ukraine), Certificate of IBM PC/AT System administrator (Odessa National Polytechnic University-Ukraine), Registered Technical Teacher (NACTE)
Name: F. Amon
Education:B.Sc. in Information Technology and Systems (Mzumbe University)

Name: A. Mtaho
Education:8On Study – University of Dodoma (UDOM)