Research Education and Documentation (READ) Unit 


ATC emphasizes both staff and students to use its facilities to do applied and basic engineering and scientific researches in partnership with the public and private sector so as to contribute to improvement
of techno-socio-economic development. In 1999, the College established Research, Education, Academic and Documentation (READ) unit to coordinate and promote excellence in academic and applied engineering and scientific research.

Objectives of the READ Unit

The objectives of READ unit are to:

(a) Carry out technical education related research activities to enable the college achieve academic and  professional excellence.

(b) undertake applied research to generate technical information on priority technology problems of the country and channel the information to policy makers, planners, industry and other endusers 

(c) promote, appraise, monitor and evaluate the development of science and technology in Tanzania;

(d) Conduct training on research methods and techniques to staff, students, individuals, industries, government and none government agency

(f) Promote the efficient exchange of information and experiences within the fields of science and technology by organizing local and regional conferences and seminars,

(g) Collect and document information on engineering and scientific research and general development in Tanzania, and make these accessible to researchers in and outside Tanzania, and

(i) To compile, publish and disseminate research and evaluation results.

Research Priority areas
READ Unit promotes and coordinates those researches in the following research priority areas:

(a) Education and Training
(b) Industry and Energy
(c) Basic Sciences
(d) Agricultural Development/Irrigation engineering
(e) Environmental Development

Coordinator of Research & Publication

Dr.Peter .P. Mashingo
PhD in Energy Engineering(UDSM) , MSC Mechanical Engineering WROCTAW Technical University(POLAND), FTC in Automotive Engineering(NIT).

Coordinator of Information and Documentation

Dr.N.R Mziray
PhD in Water Resources Eng (UDSM), MSc. Irrigation and Water Magt (Wageningen, Netherlands), BSc. Agriculture (SUA) K.S Magembe B. Eng (Civil) (DIT), Dip in Tech. Ed (Kleruu), FTC in Civil Eng. (DIT), MIET.