Upendo Trust Fund

The Fund was established voluntarily by the College staff in 2007, with the purpose of assisting needy staff and provides assistance to needy people outside the College. This is done through collecting donations aiming at solving one’s problems. The fund was inherited by the College following changes in operations and management occurred in 2009. This trust is mandated by the College to use the provided College perception of having a unit for provision of reasonable economical mutual assistance to needy staff members and those surrounding the College.

Improving Skills Training For Employment Program (ISTEP)

ISTEP is a five-year program funded by Global Affairs Canada. It builds on successes resulting from other EFE programs funded by Global Affairs Canada and managed by the Colleges and Institutes Canada in Tanzania, Mozambique and Senegal (2008-2013). ISTEP’s ultimate outcome is increased gainful employment, including self-employment, of graduates (m/f) from skills for employment programs. Among the benefits of the program to the College include development of the curricula for Pipe works, Oil and Gas Engineering program for NTA levels 4-6, technical skills assistance to staff, and equipments for running Pipe works oil and gas engineering program.

Consultative Stakeholders meeting for pre-technology ATC Instructor at attended short course training on program at ATC gas fitting at Camosun College