Establishment of the General Study Department (GST) in Arusha Technical College (ATC)

The General Studies Department (GST) was established in 1978. The General Studies Department offers cross-cutting courses that are supporting courses to other Engineering Programmes at ATC. These courses include:

·         Physical Sciences

·         Communication Skills as well as

·         Entrepreneurships

Furthermore, offers Natural Science courses such as:

·         Physics

·         Chemistry and

·         Biology

That is offered to Laboratory Science and Technology taking Students. Since 2009, the department offer NTA 04 to 06 Laboratory Science and Technology programme. The programme is well designed to sufficiently equip students with requisite knowledge, skills and understanding through experiences that occur in and out of the classroom. The programme helps students to become laboratory technician that can work in wide ranges of sectors such as:

·         Universities

·         Colleges

·         Secondary Schools

·         Industry

·         Research institutes as well as

·         Other government and non-government agency laboratories etc.  

The graduates from GST department will therefore be flexible and able to meet challenges nationally and internationally and can further advance themselves to wide ranges of bachelor degree programmes in Universities such as:

·         B.Sc. Education,

·         B.Sc. Chemical processing,

·         Bachelor of Technology and Laboratory Science

·         Bachelor of Food Science and Technology.

·         B.Sc. Biotechnology etc.

In addition, the department strives to conduct various researches that will foster development in Technical Education in general, natural sciences as well as entrepreneurship. For the academic year 2019/2020, the department is expected to launch new bachelor programmes which include B.Sc. Laboratory Science and Technology as well as B.Sc. Education (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics).