NTA 6 student demonstrating her project on eye wash
Observation of Internal Parts of Cocroach using Lens in Biology laboratory
Project Exhibition in Physics Lab
Dissection Experiment to Display Digestive System of Cocroach in Biology Laboratory
Formal inspection of chemicals before commencement of new academic year
We have enough resources for learning and doing practical exams
Laboratory Science Graduates after final project presentation
Practical Exam in Chemistry Laboratory
Secondary school students are motivated to join our college

The study adopted a qualitative approach through the use of case study design in order to get an in-depth understanding of the CBET implementation process.A total of 24 trainers were selected through purposive sampling from three (3) Science and Allied Technology (SAT) technical colleges in Arusha city, Tanzania in which in-depth interviews and open-ended questionnaires were used to collect information. The findings indicated that, though majority of the trainers got inservice training, more than half had limited awareness and understanding about the meaning and aim of the CBET curriculum. Also, trainers showed little knowledge and skills for employing CBET teaching and learning methods as well as conducting students’ assessment and evaluation. Lastly, it became apparent that, technical colleges in Arusha city have inadequate human and material resources for effective implementation of the CBET curriculum. It is concluded from the findings that, CBET was introduced without relevant and necessary preparations.