NTA 6 student demonstrating her project on eye wash
Observation of Internal Parts of Cocroach using Lens in Biology laboratory
Project Exhibition in Physics Lab
Dissection Experiment to Display Digestive System of Cocroach in Biology Laboratory
Formal inspection of chemicals before commencement of new academic year
We have enough resources for learning and doing practical exams
Laboratory Science Graduates after final project presentation
Practical Exam in Chemistry Laboratory
Secondary school students are motivated to join our college


S. Q. Sebastian

Deputy HOD

Laban Kanyonga

Examination Officer

Donatha Mwase

Competence-based education and training (CBET) is a functional approach to education as it emphasizes that learners need to gain necessary knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes or values to work successful in their own profession or occupation. It is regarded as a holistic approach to education. This study aimed at finding out how technical college trainers implement CBET curriculum in Arusha city, Tanzania.

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Information and Communication technology is among the fastest improvements in Tanzania despite the challenges combating its move. Currently the government with its intention to bridge the ICT gap and the need to meet its development vision 2025 has managed to implement the national communication infrastructure backbone network in almost 19 regions and covered 59 districts.

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Inventory is a great asset to any business as it is part of the capital invested. It requires proper management so as to make sure that it is available for sale when demanded by customers. Proper management of inventory enables businesses to have right quantity of goods according to the demand. If inventory is not well managed, businesses can be found having low level of inventory for sale which fails to satisfy customer demands or high level of products inventory which exceeds the demand which can lead into losses and increasing costs.

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