Academic staff excels into research and consultancy activities through which our students acquire various technical and industrial related skills before their graduation.

Research projects are jointly done between students and academic staff in collaborations with other foreign institutions.

Some of the research projects conducted at the department are;

                           i.          Pre mature infants’ incubator

                          ii.          Electrical inverters

                        iii.           Welding machines

                        iv.           Blood infusion warmer

                          v.          Electronic Walking stick for visual impaired

                        vi.           Distance measurement using ultrasonic

                       vii.           Wireless electric fault tracing

                     viii.          Suction machines

                        ix.           Drone Technology.

                          x.          Patient monitors.

                        xi.           Soft drink vending machine

                       xii.           White cane

                     xiii.          Body height measuring smart device

                     xiv.          Smart seeds planting machine

                      xv.          Motor Vehicle Number plate recognition scooter

                     xvi.          Pre-paid water meter


The electrical engineering department still undertakes large scale research activities and consultancy services to the local community;

Physical verification of SSMP2- solar systems in Biharamulo and Bukombe Districts in Kagera and Geita regions respectively.