Collaborations and Linkages

Collaborations and Linkages foster a global perspective and embody commitments to build bridges and networks with high quality institutions around the world. It is along this line that ATC collaborates with other national and international educational and development institutions and industries in the course of effectively and efficiently implementing its programmes. The major aim is for improving the quality of skilled technical graduates from ATC to meet labor market needs as well as enhancing quality and professionalism through outstanding academic programs.

Over the last seven (7) years, Electrical Engineering Department (EED) though ATC has established linkages and collaboration with different partners aiming to bridge capacity and technological gaps. Collaboration and networking in academia assist partners in terms of sharing knowledge and resources in innovation, research and development activities. EED primary areas of collaboration are in sharing of resources, exchange of information, transfer of technology, and dissemination of knowledge.



            1. Clemson University- USA.

            2. Biomedical Engineering Technology Aid (BETA) International.

            3. ECHO East Africa Impact Centre

           4. Cornell University- USA

           5. Vrije Universiteit Brussel