In 2014, The Entrepreneurship Centre was established by the College in support of PUM – senior experts Netherlands through VEHICLE project, for the purpose of helping ATC graduates besides being skilled in their field of specialization to become not job seekers (Servants) but job providers (Entrepreneurs).


To stimulate the establishment and growth of start-up businesses to ATC graduates particularly” thus, increase the number of successful businesses and cope with the problem of unemployment in the country.


  1. Offer Entrepreneurship training – using Action Learning Approach

  2. Allow students to engage in discussions in order to generate innovative business ideas

  3. Mentoring and coaching

  4. Provide Financial support (based on availability) to facilitate implementation of the innovative ideas

  5. Shared space within the college premises and

  6. Access to a network of business resources (Need based)


 Capacity Building

In support of PUM, the centre has in place Six (06) ATC Academic staff trained in the area of Entrepreneurship (Block 1-3) and qualifies to be Master Trainers in the area of entrepreneurship. Business ideas generation and incubationVarious groups of students have submitted their ideas; others are currently incubated to the centre

Students training (Business Game) in progress                An Article featuring ATC student in one of the newspaper

Jewellery Group (M4) at work



 Lack of fund to:

  1. Cater for costs of implementing student’s ideas

  2. Cover the costs derived from training,tools,equipment,information materials,coaching and mentoring students entrepreneurs

  3. Refurbish/develop a single space suitable to co-locate various groups of student entrepreneurs




  1. Inculcated Entrepreneurship culture to ATC graduates

  2. mall businesses and thus more job opportunities in the country

  3. wth and thus poverty eradication in the country