College Regulation

Upon admission, all new students must obtain and read thoroughly the following regulations documents:
(a)Conditions for Government sponsorship (in case of government sponsored students)
(b)Students General Welfare, Conduct and Disciplinary Regulations
(c)Examination Regulations
(d)The Constitution of the Students Organization of the Arusha Technical College (SOATECO)
(e)Industrial Practical Training (IPT) Regulations and guidelines
(f)Library Regulations and
(g)Any other regulations issued by the College from time to time.
Conditions for reporting at the College
Any student who fails to report at the College on the prescribed date but reports not later than seven days from the date of reporting and without showing any reasonable cause for the failure to do so, shall be given a written warning from the Registrar. Any student who fails to report at the College within fourteen (14) days
from the prescribed date shall lose his/her admission status.
Postponement of Studies
Students who have postponed studies will be required to report at the College at the corresponding time/date and semester similar to that one she/he left. No student is allowed to postpone studies after commencement of an academic year except under special circumstances. Permission to postpone studies is considered after producing satisfactory evidence for the reasons of postponement and written approval from the sponsor.

Change of Names

No change of names by students is entertained during the course of study at the College. Names appearing on the original academic certificates shall be used.
Change of Programme
No student is allowed to change a programme except in very exceptional circumstances. In the latter case, no student is allowed to change a programme later than the Friday of the second week after the beginning of the first semester session of the first year.
Conditions for Re-admission
Students shall be allowed to be away from studies for a maximum of two academic years if they are to be allowed for re-admission to the same year of studies
where they left. Students discontinued from studies on academic grounds may be readmitted to a different programme in the next academic year or in the same programme after a lapse of two years.
Students discontinued from studies on disciplinary grounds are barred from re-admission to any programme at the College.
Loss of Sponsorship for Government sponsored student
Students discontinued from studies will be deregistered and consequently lose sponsorship if government sponsored.
Transfer from other Institutions
Students seeking transfer from other Institutions to ATC would only be considered if they meet admission conditions approved by the ATC Governing Board.