Eng. Dr.Richard Masika
PhD (Structural Eng.) (Hungary), MSc. Eng. (Hungary) FTC (Civil Eng.) (DTC), C. Eng. (T)
Eng. Dr.Masudi Senzia
MSc. Civil Eng. (UDSM), B.Sc. (Hons) Civil Eng. (UDSM), Dip. Urban Ecology, (Denmark), Cert. in Advanced Professional Training, Road Maintenance (German), Cert in Education (Morogoro), Reg. Tech. Teacher (NACTE), Pr. Eng.-Reg. No 2472 (T), MIET
Eng. Dr.Erick Mgaya
PhD (Electrical Power Engineering) (Czech Republic), MSc (Electrical Power Engineering) (Czech Republic), BSc in Electrical Engineering (Prague Czech Republic), MIET


Dr.Baraka Kichonge
PhD in Sustainable Energy Science and Engineering,MSc Production Eng (UDSM), Postgraduate Diploma in Mechanical Eng. (UDSM), Adv. Diploma in Mechanical Eng. (DIT), FTC in Automotive Eng. (TCA)
Dr.Fredrick Malembeka
PhD (Engineering)- Kyoto University- Japan, MSc. Water Resource Eng (UDSM), BSc. Civil & Water Resources Eng (UDSM).


Dr.Jaffary S Mwamza
PhD in Production Engineering (UDSM), MSc. Mechanical Engineering (State Technical University-Kursk-Russia), FTC in Mechanical Engineering (TCA) 


Dr.Peter .P. Mashingo
PhD in Energy Engineering (UDSM), Msc. Mechanical Eng. (Wroclaw Technical University-Poland), Adv. Diploma in Maintenance Management (Augsburg German), Conflict Management Course Pretoria South Africa, FTC in Automotive Engineering (NIT).


Dr.N.R. Mziray
PhD in Water Resources Eng (UDSM),Msc Irrigation and Water Magt (Wageningen, Netherlands), BSc. Agriculture (SUA) K.S Magembe B. Eng (Civil) (DIT), Dip in Tech. Ed (Kleruu), FTC in Civil Eng. (DIT), MIET.
D.P Mtavangu
MSc Highway Engineering (UDSM), PGD Transportation and Geotechnical Engineering (UDM). Adv. Diploma in Civil Eng.(DIT), Diploma in Tec Ed(DTC), Adv. Industrial Training (FGR), FTC Building and Civil Eng. (DTC).

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