ATC-Productions and Consulting Bureau

Arusha Technical College-Productions and Consulting Bureau (ATC-PCB) is registered with ERB registration number 126 and TIN No. 101-195-651, is a public owned consulting firm based at the Arusha Technical College (ATC), Arusha, Tanzania. ATC-PCB is essentially a non-profit making Consultancy Organisation established as stipulated in the College Establishment Order in compliance with the National Policy on Technical Education of 1996. ATC-PCB was established on June 2010 to independently handle multidisciplinary engineering consultancy in planning, structural engineering, civil and irrigation engineering, mechanical and automotive engineering, electrical engineering, water and wastewater engineering, project appraisal and management, engineering logistics and production services, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Electronics, Electrical and Biomedical engineering for effective contribution to the social economic development of the country.

ATC-PCB has competent fulltime personnel with vast specialties and experience in consultancy and production activities. They possess qualifications ranging from Certificates; Diploma; Bachelor’s Degree to PhD Degrees in various engineering disciplines. A production and consultancy team can be constituted from any of the Arusha Technical College academic and technical staff, who comes from diverse engineering fields as reflected in Arusha Technical College academic programs. Many of our senior academic staffs are registered with the Engineers Registration Board (ERB) as professional or consulting engineers, and some are registered by or affiliated with professional institutions such as Institute of Engineers Tanzania (IET).

Vision of the Bureau
ATC-PCB in line with college vision, aims at becoming a centre of excellence that provides quality and affordable services timely deliverable to our esteemed customers and clients. .

Mission of the Bureau

ATC-PCB in line with college mission is to provide reputable and reliable multi-disciplinary consultancy and production services national wide for socio-economic development of the country.

ATC-PCB Core Value

Accountability and integrity, excellence in performance, service to community, equal opportunity, mutual respect and unity of purpose, diversity, freedom and responsibility.



(a)To link training, consultancy and production services offered by ATC-PCB with industries, ministries, individuals, private and public institutions.

(b)To carry out consultancy and production services in tangible science and technology development projects.

(c)To offer regular professional training and development to engineering community.

(d)To offer hiring facilities

(e)To provide platform to ATC-PCB staff for career development and professional practice both practically and theoretically.

(f)To enhance the development of local construction industry. 

Our Major Clients and Customers

(i)Government: Ministries, Authorities, Departments and Local governments.

(ii)Institutions: Religious, Public and Private Institutions

(iii)Individual Person or Group of People 

 Specialized Activities

(i)Failure Investigation

(ii)Third Party Inspection Services

(iii)Damage Assessment

(iv)Selection of Materials

(v)Quality Improvement

(vi)Solution for Weld Repair.

Consultancy Services Offered

(i)Conducting professional training programs.

(ii)Providing professional consultations in various engineering disciplines

(iii) Feasibility studies and Project write-ups

(iv)Quantity surveying services

(v)ICT services

(vi)Recruitment search services

(vii)Architectural consultations | Consultancy | Project Management |Production | Testing | Inspection |

(viii) Construction projects appraisal, management and supervision

(ix)Land surveying and Geomatics services

(x)Testing of Water, Soil, bitumen, concrete, concrete blocks, aggregates / rock samples and steel bars with professional advisory services.

Production Services Offered

(i) Design and manufacture of spare parts of machines

(ii) Engraving activities (iii) Maintenance and repair activities of infrastructures, machines and vehicles

(iv) Panel beating, spraying, metal and wrought iron works

(v) Production and fabrication of various machines

(vi) Furniture and other woodwork products

(vii) Concrete blocks and other concrete products

(viii) Construction, maintenance and repairs of electronic devices and equipment.

Hiring Services Offered

a) Hiring of a hall for various activities

b) Hiring of classrooms for training and other similar functions during holidays

c) Hiring of open space for various business promotions.

The organisation structure shows how ATC-PCB is linked to the different administrative organs of Arusha Technical College (ATC).

Figure 1:ATC-PCB Administration & Management


The organisation structure shows how consultancy section is linked to the different engineering disciplines of Arusha Technical College (ATC).


Figure 2: Consultancy Section Administration & Management



Bureau Executive Committee Chairperson

Eng. Dr. E.V Mgaya Ph.D. Electrical Power Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Rep., MSc. Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical                        University in Prague, Czech Rep., BSc. Electrical Engineering, Electric Power supply and Electrical Installation, Czech Technical University

                               Prague, Czech Rep.

Bureau Manager

Eng.F.M.Magania Bachelor’s Degree in Civil and Irrigation Engineering, Arusha Technical College,Diploma inIrrigation Engineering(Igurusi,Mbeya),, Registered ProfessionalEngineer-PEng.No.5671

Lead Consultant

Eng. Dr. R. Masika PhD (Structural Engineering) (Hungary), MSc. Eng. (Hungary), FTC (Civil Engineering) (DTC), CEng. (T). Eng. Dr. R. Masika is the Consulting Engineer registered with ERB(T))

Members of Bureau Executive Committee (BEC)

(1) Eng. Dr. U.Msovu: PhD (Water Resource Engineering) (UDSM), MSc. (Water Resource Eng. (UDSM), BSc (UDSM). She is a Head of Civil Eng.   


(2)  Eng. T. Chuwa: Master’s degree in Infrastructures and Geotechnical Engineering, at Abou Bekr Belkaid University of Tlemcen, Algeria Department of                               Civil Engineering, Bachelor degree in Structure and Environmental Engineering, at Abou Bekr Belkaid University of Tlemcen, Algeria 

                               Department of Civil Engineering. He is a Head of Transportation Eng. Department.

(3) Eng. A. Ngulugulu: Master’s degree in EletricalEng.(), Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering (). He is a Head of Electrical Eng. Department.

(4)                       Eng. A. Mtunguja: Master’s degree in Automotive Engineering.(), Bachelor’s Degree in Automotive Engineering (). He is the Head of Automotive Eng. Department.

(5)  Eng. Dr. D.Ngoma: PhD in Mechanical Eng.,Master’s degree in Mechanical Eng.(), Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering (). He is a Head of Mechanical Eng. Department.


(6) Dr. Naisujack: PhD-Curriculum Development (MOI University) M.A. (Ed.)(UDOM),B.Ed.(MMU),Dip. Ed.(Marangu T.T.C), Certificate (Facilitator Development)(BCIT-CANADA), Certificate in Instructional Skills (ATC), Certificate in Circular Economy and Entrepreneurship in TVET, (UNESCO-UNEVOC- Bonn Germany). She is the Head of Department of Applied Science and Social Studies

(7) Mr. Kaaya: MBA (Information Technology) Coventry University-UK, Adv. Diploma in Information Technology (IAA), Cert. (Computer Network Engineering & Management) CDAC- India, Cert. (Software & Data processing)- NICT- India,  He is a Head of ICT Department.

(8) CPA (T) K. Sanga.  MBA (Mzumbe) PGDA (IFM), B.Com Acc (UDSM), CPA (T). He is the Chief Internal Auditor (CIA).

(9) CPA (T) A. Msongole: Msc.    (Finance)    (University    of    Strathclyode- Scotland),CPA (T). He is the College Bursar.

(10)Mr. E. Ishika: MBA- HRM ESAMI, BPA (Public Administration) Kampala University (Uganda) . He is the Director of Human Resource and Administration

(11)Mr. B. Peter: Bachelor’s Degree in …… (). He is a Head of Legal Unit.


(12)  Dr. B. Kichonge: PhD (Sustainable Energy Science and Engineering –Sustainable Renewable Energy Engineering) (NM-AIST); MSc (Production Engineering) (UDSM); Post Graduate Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (PGD) (UDSM); Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (ADE) (DIT); Full Technician Certificate in Automotive Engineering (FTC) (TCA).  He is the College Registrar 



Human Resources

As stipulated earlier, ATC-PCB has competent full time personnel with vast specialties and experience in consultancy and production activities, they possess qualifications ranging from Bachelor’s Degree to PhD Degree level in various disciplines.

Physical Resources 

ATC-PCB posses reliable full furnished offices, laboratories for materials testing, various workshops, latest land surveying equipments including Total station, GPS, Computers and Plotter machines (A0). Also ATC-PCB possesses various design software such as Master Series, Prokon, Lusac Bridge and Spreadsheets, CAD and BIM software such as Auto CAD, ArchiCAD just to mention few.








Fabrication of Study Benches 

Inst. of Accountancy Arusha 



Production of Financial & Tech. Proposal(Water pipeline-25km) 

Tanzania Military Academy 



Production of Financial & Tech. Proposal (Drainage System)   VETA College Arusha   Completed 


 Structural and Services Engineer (Irrigation Building)   Arusha Technical College   Completed 


Project Manager-ATC Administration Block (Vertical. Extension)   Arusha Technical College   Completed 


 Structural Engineer-CCM Building   CCM-Arusha   Completed 


 Structural engineer – Girls Hostel   Arusha Technical College   Completed 


Geo-technical Soil Investigations (Roads, dams, Buildings, water supply) & Materials Testing.   Various clients   Completed & In progress 


 Consultancy Services for Development of Mini Hydro-power Stations  REA   Completed 


Provision of Consultancy Services for Undertaking the Design of Water Supply Scheme -Gravity Main Water Supply from Mount Meru to Longido Town (more than 62km) 

Longido District Council Town

(District Headquarters) 



Materials testing for Backborne Transmission Investment Project 400KV Singida -Shinyanga Transmission Line Lot 3-Contract No PA/001/10/HQ/W/038  KEC International Ltd   Completed 


Provision of Consultancy Services for Undertaking the Design of Water Supply Scheme-Gravity Main Water Supply from West Kilimnjaro to Longido Town (more than 63km)  Longido District Council Town (District Headquarters)  Completed 


Consultancy Services for Provision of Consulting Services for Physical verification of PV Installations for the Sustainable Solar Market Packages (SSMP2) Project Bukombe and Biharamulo (Package A)  REA  In Progress